GrassThe Carbon Fields

How our Countryside can save Britian

By Graham Harvey

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ISBN: 978-0-9560707-0-8

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It ranks as one of the great secrets of our time. A simple and elegant solution to some of the world's most pressing problems – rising food prices, increased carbon emissions and the health crisis.

The answer is here for us now if we're bold enough to take it. No breakthroughs are required, no "fad" diets. There's no need to throw away the car keys or give up real butter and juicy steaks. So why haven't we been told about this great natural gift?

Award-winning author Graham Harvey investigates the murky world of food and farming and reveals how global corporations have hijacked Britain's most basic source of life and health.

This book explains how globally-traded grains have been used to promote global warming, obesity and ill-health. It shows how – by reclaiming our greatest natural asset – we can put ourselves and the nation back on the road to health and prosperity. This book will surprise you. You'll wonder how something so vital to your health and well-being can have been kept hidden. But once you know you'll be in a position to act. You can use your power as a citizen and consumer to reclaim this stolen treasure. At this time of threat and uncertainty our country needs it as never before.


About the author:

Graham Harvey Graham is a long standing environmental journalist/author and won the BP Natural World Book Prize for his book “The Killing of the Countryside”. His most recent, most timely of books, “The Carbon Fields” was launched on the 29th of October and has so far received amazing coverage in the Guardian, the Observer, the Telegraph, the national CPRE magazine and is due for January reviews in the BBCs Countryfile magazine, Country life, The Country Smallholder and many regional newspapers


Press Review for The Carbon Fields:

  • “The establishment has made a hash of things. Graham Harvey offers a solution” The Telegraph

  • “The way to boost our self sufficiency in food, improve our health and respect our environment” Countryfile Magazine

  • “A Powerful and thought provoking book” The Country Smallholder

  • “The Carbon Fields may make you drop your breakfast spoon in shock” The Countryside Voice

  • “It’s time to bring our food supply back home” The Guardian

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